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Online Jobs in Nepal

Online Job

Nepal E-Commerce has been providing online job since its establishment. Online Job provided by NEC is totally home-based work. For one to be able to join Online Job, s/he should have a computer/laptop with internet connection at home. You don’t necessarily have to be highly qualified to start an Online Job. Anyone with basic computer skills can take on this kind of job.

These days people spend a lot of leisure time on the internet, why not spend the time doing a job that pays through the internet.

Advantages of Online Job

In this modern era, technology is advancing at the fastest pace. So, it is important that we stay up-to-date in the online world. Online Job will keep you updated about whats going on in the online world.

Online job can be done from anywhere you want, be it at your favorite cafe, or at leisure time between your full-time office work, or at any part of the world, all you will need to have is internet access on your laptop.

While you have an online job, you need not worry about your working hours. There is no fixed work hours, no time limitation, no work pressure. You can work anytime during the day or at night. The more time you spend on working, the more work you get done, and ultimately you will earn more.

Online Job is beneficial to people of all ages. If you are a student, you can use your time away from studies doing an online job. Online job is very knowledgeable, it will keep you one step ahead. If you are a working person, you can use your leisure time to do an online job which will atleast help you buy an extra pair of shoe for yourself.

Online Job Projects and Earning

ProjectType of workAvg. duration to complete workAvg. earning per work completion ($)Avg. earning per hour ($)
FacebookLike, click, share, comment, review, Feedback3-10minutes0.10-0.751-10
Google SearchWebsite search and visit website for top page ranking, comment, feedback2-5 minutes0.05-0.401-3
TwitterFollow, Like, click, share, comment, review, Feedback3-10 minutes0.10-0.401-7
YoutubeLike, click, share, comment, review, Feedback, upload, follow, subscribe5-10 minutes0.10-11-6
Google+Add to circle, follow5-10 minutes0.20-0.401-6
Mobile IOSApp download review5-10 minutesMinimum $1

Above table shows the types of online job projects available.

  •  You can choose between any projects you want. The type of work available may vary from time to time, for example: facebook “like” work might now always be available, but during that time you can opt to do some other work, like twitter “follow”.
  • Your earning will depend on your ISP speed. With good internet speed, you can make good earning through online job.
  • These earnings are available only through US IP (using VPS or VPN).

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